August 2017 – After 10 years of showing and breeding Maus, I have decided to retire my breeding cats.

July 2016 – Mautrix Moonlight of Azshara became a mom of one silver boy kitten. Waiting to see how he develops to decide if he’ll be my new stud boy.

June 2016 – CH Modern Dance of Azshara became a new mom, with one smoke boy kitten. Waiting to see how he develops, and I may show him as an altered cat.

April 2016 – Added a new girl to my breeding program. Mautrix Moonlight of Azshara.

August 2014 – Azshara Samba earned enough points to become a CFA Grand Champion this past weekend in Portland Oregon. My first home-bred grand, it is very exciting.

January 2013– Wintertime at the Azshara Mau house. I have two kittens right now. One is an import from Emau Cattery in Virginia. The other is the single kitten that my Azshara Sarabande delivered in November. Other than that we are attending a few cat shows and just seeing how things develop!

August 2012 – Summer is a slow time on the show scene, but I hope to make it to the Let’s Luau cat show on August 19th in Longview Washington.

Will update on how we do, CH Azshara Solstice will be trying for his final champion points to become a Grand Champion in CFA.

October 2013 – Currently I am showing Azshara Solstice for his last points to become a Grand Champion and I have two newcomers, Azshara Samba and Emau’s Modern Dance of Azshara.


  1. My wife and I came across your website today, amd got interested in these fine cats after watching the old Halle Barry movie, “Cat Woman”…..As a former native of Port Alberni, I’m interested (we’re interested) in now knowing that you are so close (relatively speaking)…as we live in Kelowna.
    We’ve been looking at your website, and are really interested in having on of these cats.
    Hopefully we would hear back from you folks.
    The obvious question is …..what have you available in kittens (either now or in the Spring or Summer)?
    Thank you….
    Roy and Lorraine Dake

  2. Good evening,

    I was looking to place my name on the adoption list for one of your Egyptian mau’s. My wife and I lost out beloved cat, a year ago. I know she has looked at your site in the past, I was hoping to surprise her with one as a gift. I was just wanting to touch base with you, and see what might be available in the future.


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