Azshara Egyptian Maus

Welcome to Azshara Egyptian Maus Cattery.


We are breeders of top quality CFA registered Egyptian Mau cats. Please feel free to browse our site and pictures. If you have any questions or comments, send us an email at:

We will be sure to get back to you within 3 business days.

All our kittens come with all shots and boosters completed, including rabies if they are traveling across the border. Pet kittens will be spayed or neutered prior to delivery.


About Us:

Azshara Maus is the result of a lifetime’s fascination with cats. We never had purebred cats while I was growing up however, just a long series of well-loved rescues. Living as isolated as we did, we never had chances to go to cat shows or meet different purebred cats other than the occasional Persian or Siamese. Purebred cats were a luxury we dreamed about but could never afford. My Mom loved the look of the Maine Coon, and I dreamed of my very own Abyssinian. Now we are both owned by a small herd of gorgeous Egyptian Maus.

I have spent years researching cat breeds and trying to decide which breed to explore and develop. One day I passed a pile of kittens in a petshop and was intrigued by their spots. I went in to ask about them and was told that they were Egyptian Maus. I had never heard of the breed, so I went home and began to research them. Knowing the evils of petshops, I would never, ever, purchase a kitten from one! But I am grateful that this particular petshop window caught my eye as I am completely sold on the beauty and history of the Mau.

I purchased CH Argent Tsekani of Azshara from a Mau breeder in Ontario, Canada, but he was actually born in California. He’s a well traveled cat. My goal was to build a cattery, and to find a good male cat as a foundation stud. I was a newbie to the process however, and I am learning as I go. Fortunately, Tsekani¬† developed into a fine specimen, and placed very well at his first ACFA show.

Following the purchase of Tsekani, I started searching for a suitable female. I am lucky to be a part of TheCatSite forum, and through my contacts there I was put in touch with Melanie Morgan of Emau Cattery. Melanie was able to give me a few contacts and after evaluating Tsekani and his pedigree, I was able to locate and purchase a breeding queen.

My first queen¬†was GC Mautrix Skylark of Azshara, by GC Emau’s Kestrel, DM., followed by GC Emau’s Dirty Dancing of Azshara. With this foundation, I am moving foward and producing some beautiful examples of the Mau breed. I work actively toward temperament, contrast and great health.