Available Kittens

Kitten purchasing information is printed below this page. Scroll down for more information. Thank you!

August 2017 – I have two male kittens available right now. Please contact me at azsharamaus@gmail.com for information.


July 2016 – Moonlight had one silver boy kitten. I am waiting to see how he develops, and he may stay here as a new stud boy. Will know in a few month’s time.


April 2016 – Mautrix Moonlight has been bred to Grand Champion Azshara Samba for possible June 2016 kittens.


March 2016 – CH Emau’s Modern Dance of Azshara had one kitten, a smoke boy. As of right now we are not sure what his future will be. We may keep him to be a show cat, or he may be placed as a pet kitten. Will update once I am sure.


June 2015 – CH Emau’s Modern Dance of Azshara may possibly be pregnant for kittens in the summer of 2015. We have a wait list in place, but you can contact me at azsharamaus@gmail.com if you have questions or wish to be placed on our wait list.

November 2014 – October 29th, CH Emau’s Modern Dance of Azshara had her three kittens by GC Azshara Samba. one kitten is staying with me, and the other two have been reserved as pet kittens. 

pancake kits 079

July 2014 – We have been working on getting our latest girl pregnant but it is a slow process. As I won’t know when she will take, I can’t estimate when we’ll have more kittens. She is a beautiful girl, so we are very much looking forward to having kittens from her. I will update as soon as I have some more news 🙂

January 2014 – We had a litter of four kittens over Christmas. All four are now placed in their new homes. Our next litter should be here in late Spring, from the silver girl CH Emau’s Modern Dance of Azshara (Maudie).

October 2013 – I am expecting kittens this Fall. Please contact me for more information. 

July 2013 – Currently I have four kittens in the house. One is going to live in Sechelt, one to Quebec City, and one to Saltspring Island. The final silver boy will be staying with me and hopefully will become my newest stud boy.  My next breedings will take place in the Fall. Azshara Sarabande (Sara) and Emau’s Modern Dance (Maudie) will both be ready for kittens in a few months. Will keep this page updated.

971662_548769178521415_114443003_n 1013145_548763505188649_631494370_n 1016244_548821581849508_1057934153_n

January 2013 – I have one kitten in my home right now. Sarabande gave birth on November 26 to a single smoke kitten! She is now 7 weeks old and doing very well. Additionally, I have brought a silver female home from Virginia. She is 5 months old and currently going with me to shows. Once she has matured, I’ll be breeding her for kitten late this year. Will update here.

This little girl is now named Poe and lives in Victoria, BC with her new family!

small smoke 2 small smoke

August 2012 – Currently I have one silver female being bred, and I am awaiting confirmation of her pregnancy. Another female from a previous litter is coming back to me, bred to a male back East. Once I have confirmation of both pregnancies I will be posting updates here. Right this second I don’t have any available cats or kittens.

December 16th, 2011 – DD gave birth to two silver female kittens. Both kittens have homes.

September 15th, 2011– Dirty Dancing (Smoke Female) has been bred to Tsekani (Silver Male) for winter kittens. If things go right, she’ll deliver on Christmas Day. Will be a mix of silvers and smokes in this litter.

June 13th, 2010 – GC Emau’s Dirty Dancing of Azshara has delivered two kittens. Two boys, smoke and one silver. All kittens from this litter have homes.

April 17th, 2010– GC Emau’s Dirty Dancing of Azshara has been bred to Tsekani for expected June kittens. Will update as more information is available. Will be a mix of silvers and smokes.

April 6th, 2010 – Skylark gave birth to three healthy kittens. They are currently growing up and developing into cute little baby maus. All kittens from this litter are sold.

January 29th, 2010 – Skylark and Tsekani were bred again, and if it has taken she will be due at the end of March 2010. Will update as soon as I have confirmation.

January 15th, 2010 – I am finished negotiations to purchase a smoke Mau female, and will be picking her up in April 2010. This girl is from Emau and Mautrix bloodlines and her sire is National Winner, 2008/2009 CFA Kitten of the Year, GC, NW Emau’s Dancing inthe Dark of Mautrix. My new girl will be CH Emau’s Dirty Dancing of Azshara and I can’t wait to get her. She will produce both smokes and silvers when bred to my stud Argent Tsekani.

November 15th, 2009 – New CFA Champion. The kitten I kept back as my new breeding Queen (Mautrix Safiya of Azshara) won the 6 winners ribbons needed to become a CFA Champion. Her sister, Mautrix Zahra, won her 6 ribbons to become a CFA Premiere at the same show. Now I can show them as Champions to get them on their way to becoming a CFA Grand Champion and a CFA Grand Premiere!

November 9th, 2009 – New CFA GRAND CHAMPION! Mautrix Altaira earned her 200 Champion Points to finish her GC in four shows.

November 3rd, 2009 – New CFA Champion. The kitten I sent back East, Mautrix Altaira, has won enough points to become a Champion under CFA. She received 150 of the 200 points toward a Grand Champion designation at one show. Once she wins her final 50 points and becomes a Grand Champion I will post it here!

July 2nd, 2009 – Updated new website.

June 27th, 2009 – Brought Safiya kitten to TICA show in Sydney BC. Only stayed for 5 of 8 rings as she just turned four months old and didn’t want to overdo it. She got a lot of attention, but unfortunately did not final in any of her rings. She is just a baby and we think she’ll do much better once she matures a bit more.

February 13th, 2009 – Our first litter produced four female silver tabby kittens. These babies are showing a lot or promise, and I am excited to see how they do in the show ring. Three of the four have excellent homes, one to my sister, one back East to Baltimore, and one will stay with me to possibly become a breeding queen someday.


  1. We are located on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. Transportation options include air shipping in-cabin by transPETer, as well as coming to our home to view kittens and adults. I can also deliver kittens to Vancouver and a few cities in Washington State or Reno, NV, if it corresponds with my travel to cat shows. Please contact us for details. We can be reached at azsharamaus@gmail.com

    Kittens will come with their first shots, dewormers and should be neutered or spayed before they leave my home. They are socialized with other cats, dogs, children and adults of all sizes. We expect that any kitten that comes from our home will be kept indoors only and fed a good quality diet, with both canned and kibble food available. We don’t feed raw food, but we are open to this option as well. We will give our cats raw chicken wings from time to time to supplement their diet, and our dog gets raw bones as well.

    We do have a waitlist, but will match kittens to homes as well. Sometimes we’ll get very rambunctious kittens who will do well in busier homes while other times we’ll get more reserved kittens who prefer quiet homes. We can in no way guarantee that we will have the sex that you wish as we can’t gauge what sexes will come out 🙂 We do tend to get more requests for females than males, and of course our cats then produce more males than females in their litters!

    First pick kittens will be reserved for showing in all litters. We do not breed to make a profit; but pet quality kittens are usually available in each litter as well as show kittens.

    1. My name is Ross Oparowski, I’m from a family of four and we were wondering about the availability of your Egyptian Mau kittens. Specifically, we were interested in smoke or bronze colored male kittens and would like to know if there will be any available in the near future. Also, is a deposit or down payment required? We live in central New Hampshire. If a waiting list is open we would love to learn about getting on that as well.

      Thank you for your time and looking forward to hearing back!

    2. Hello,
      I love the look of your silver cats and kittens. Can you tell me a bit about their personality….calm, super active or regular active, quiet or chatters, easy going or alpha ?
      Also, what is the cost of a kitten….a male kitten would be welcomed just as much as a female would be.
      I am looking for a friend for my Balinese kitten.
      Thank you,

  2. Hi I live in Elliot Lake Ontario, I am looking for a Male silver Mau. I would like to have him full trained, Declawed If possible. I hope you don’t think me cruel for such a thing or a hypocrite. You see I cant watch him suffer in anyway, So I would never get any painful thing done to him. I cannot afford to continually have my furniture ruined, so this is the only alternative I know of. I want this cat because mine has died after 15 wonderful years and it me a very long time before I could see myself with another. I am finally able to share my life again and I would like to share it with a new feline friend. A Mau… I am a relaxation therapist and the bulk of my practise is in Egyptian massage. I saw picture of Mau’s, read of their affectionate nature and above average intelligence I felt this cat is the one I am to share this experience with. Will you ship him? If so can you tell me what to expect, how to present myself to him as not to overwhelm him? Will you give me the name of the very best food for him etc ? when can I expect him to be born? how long before everything can be done and then when can i expect to receive him? Oh yes what will be the total cost all in and leaving nothing out? Can I make a down payment in December?

    1. Hello. Well I am glad that you mention declawing in your message as it is a question that I would ask. I would not place a cat in a home where he/she would be declawed, and I am sorry but I don’t even have a reference for you to a breeder who would.

  3. Hi there!
    I was just wondering if you produce any Bronze Maus? I will be moving to Vancouver in August, 2014 and am looking for a breeder of Bronze Maus nearby for when I am settled.

  4. Hello, Just interested in the breed, and in showing. I have shown horses and dogs, but not cats. Beautiful Cattery and Cats.

  5. Hello, my name is Rachael and my husband Greg and I have been following your website for the past few months. We recently lost our 13 year old tuxedo cat, Mimi, to IBD and we were introduced to the Egyptian Mau breed when we visited the CFA cat show in White Rock last September. We are wondering if you currently have any kittens available and if not, when your next litter may be expected and if they are already all spoken for. We live in Vancouver and are very keen on the silver spotted Maus. We have both had cats all of our lives and we currently have a 6.5 year old brown marble tabby and white girl named Elsa. Greg and I would also be very open to adopting an adult Mau, but understand that adults may not be readily available. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

  6. we have been following your website and photos for over 1 year now and we would like to be put on a waiting list for a female silver kitten or adult. but we will take a male as in future we would like to have two . we live in agassiz bc, rural area. we have a large house and the cat would be an inside cat. my son and i have been wanting a cat for some time since the death of our female cat – bearcat many years ago. but we dont just want any cat. we want an mau for sure. my oldest daughter lives in north vancouver so would make it closer for delivery.

  7. Hello, my boyfriend and I are very interested in an egyptian mau someday. Currently, as students, our financial state doesn’t allow us to get one, but I am very curious to what your fees are so we have something to work towards over the next couple years. Thank you for your time.

  8. Hi, I am interested in a kitten. I have a one year old siamese savanna cross and looking for a playmate for her. She is very friendly.

  9. I’ve recently emailed you Azshara in regards to the next litters in the near future, I live on the island and am very interested in a kitten if possible. I’m very adamant on Egyptian Mau’s and find them to be a very unique and remarkable breed. They have to be the most beautiful domestic cat I’ve ever seen, and very unique, and their behavior, reflexes and intelligence is something unfounded in other pedigrees, I’m very interested, and seeing you are located on Vancouver Island as am I, makes it that much more desirable to have the possibility of obtaining one of these awesome companions.

    -Alexander “Alex” Simon

  10. Hello Kelly, I’m still interested in a possible kitten from Maudie, I understand from your last email that you’re not certain if she is pregnant, or how long such might take and could be a duration, but regardless I am very patient and interested still, I check your site weekly in hopes of an update however, and am adamant that you will have success with her, It is terrible luck you had an accident while horse-riding and I hope you have/will recovered from such.

  11. Hello, We are are extremely interested in your next litter of Egyptian mauves, my wife and I used to have a gorgeous Egyptian mauve, when we were growing up and loved this cat. Her name was Isis. Unfortunately she died from a brain aneurism right in front of us. My wife and I have always missed this part of our family that theft is so suddenly. Now we have a son of 10 yrs old and always talked about our favorite cat. Now we would love to complete our family with the cat that we miss so much. We would love a pick if your next litter of mauvs. Thank you so much Conrad, Lias and Caillen

  12. Hi there, interested in possibly a male kitten from the next litter of kittens, I am located on the lower mainland.. I am curious on how much your Mau’s cost? Please email me. Thanks

  13. I’m looking for an egyptain mau for sale or to addopt please contact me threw email or my phone 250-510-2977

  14. Hello we are very interested in the Egyptian mau a female if possible just wondering about the price please contact me at the above email or my cell at 12508843545 thank you

    Jamie and Dustin

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