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Occasionally at Azshara we will decide to place one of our retired show cats into a pet home. Sometimes a cat we keep to show ends up hating the show ring so much that it is not healthy for the cat to keep trying, and sometimes a show cat looks perfect as a kitten but then grows up not exactly as we hoped. All of our cats have great personalities and are socialized in all kinds of situations, but the show world is looking for physical perfection and we can only show the best and most willing.

We will post here if we have any possibilities for pet homes, or you can contact me at azsharamaus@gmail.com if you have interest in any of the cats below.

August 2017 – I have a 10 month old spayed female available. She was going to be a show cat, but I have decided to not breed Maus.



Page edited on August 12, 2017


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  1. We are located on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. Transportation options include air shipping in-cabin by transPETer, as well as coming to our home to view kittens and adults. I can also deliver kittens to Vancouver and a few cities in Washington State or Reno, NV, if it corresponds with my travel to cat shows. Please contact us for details. We can be reached at azsharamaus@gmail.com

    Kittens will come with their first shots, dewormers and should be neutered or spayed before they leave my home. They are socialized with other cats, dogs, children and adults of all sizes. We expect that any kitten that comes from our home will be kept indoors only and fed a good quality diet, with both canned and kibble food available. We don’t feed raw food, but we are open to this option as well. We will give our cats raw chicken wings from time to time to supplement their diet, and our dog gets raw bones as well.

    We do have a waitlist, but will match kittens to homes as well. Sometimes we’ll get very rambunctious kittens who will do well in busier homes while other times we’ll get more reserved kittens who prefer quiet homes. We can in no way guarantee that we will have the sex that you wish as we can’t gauge what sexes will come out We do tend to get more requests for females than males, and of course our cats then produce more males than females in their litters!

    First pick kittens will be reserved for showing in all litters. We do not breed to make a profit; but pet quality kittens are usually available in each litter as well as show kittens.

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